Sedation Services

We want to make your visit soothing and relaxing. Talk to us about your concerns and we’ll be sensitive to your needs.

Dr. Michelle Johnson holds a Class 3 sedation permit (which means deep sedation, conscious sedation, and nitrous oxide utilization) through the Oregon Board of Dentistry. She is continuously trained in sedation technologies so you can have your dentistry done with little or no memory of the appointment.

All sedation patients are continually monitored and a professional staff member is with you at all times. Depending on the depth of sedation, we monitor patient safety with pulse oximetry, end tidal CO2, and sometimes EKG.

  • EASES ANXIETY: We understand that some people are afraid to go to the dentist. Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) can be administered safely and comfortably through a disposable nosepiece. We offer stronger sedatives that are safe and produce a more profound anesthesia.
  • LESS PAIN: Patients who are sedated experience much less muscle tension during the appointment, so afterwards there is little or no pain, or soreness in the jaw muscles, or tension headaches.
  • SAVES TIME: Sedation is convenient in that most of a patient’s dental treatment can be accomplished in one or two visits, saving time and causing fewer interruptions to work schedules.