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At Allen Creek Dental you’ll receive the most advanced dental care available.
We use cutting-edge technology to provide exceptional dentistry for people of all ages.

Your comfort and health
are our primary concern.

Now more than ever it’s important to protect your health.
Your overall health starts with your mouth and the air you breathe.

Surgically Clean Air is the solution

At Allen Creek Dental we are committed to protecting your health by providing the robust scrubbing technology of Surgically Clean Air to filter, sterilize and re-energize large quantities of air. This medical grade filtration system was developed in response to kill SARS-Cov in 2010. It features an anti microbial pre filter, a proprietary HEPA-Rx filter that acts as a capturing layer, a carbon filter, a kill chamber to kill 99% of anything that remains in the air using TiO2 catalyst, germicidal UV-C+ and hydroxy radicals and a revitalizing chamber that generates negative ions in the air.

Are you a new patient?

We understand you may feel anxious even thinking about seeing a new dentist. We hear you! We make every effort to ease your concerns. Your new patient appointment allows you and Dr. Michelle Johnson to learn about each other and address questions that you may have.

Please allow an hour for your appointment and bring your completed New Patient Form. We look forward to meeting you!

“I love what I do! It brings me so much joy to build relationships with my patients. I enjoy helping each individual make decisions and attain the goals that are right for them. I learn so much from listening to my patients and focusing on their needs.”

-Dr. Michelle Johnson

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